On my way to Dubai

I’m on my way to Dubai to shoot architecture and interiors. looking forward to it and will hopefully post some pictures while there

Dubai's version of David Hasselhof

and this time the highest building in the world will be finsihed

World highest building (at the moment)

and here’re some more from the trip, I didn’t stop there for a long time last year



Summer time is near and hopefully there will plenty of time to travel around Iceland, some landscape shot from last months




Taken on Hasselblad H2 and PhaseOne P45+ with 35mm HC lens


Travelling with Broncolor Satellite Evolution

Tim Flach photographer has been twice here in Iceland to use my rental service. It’s always a pleasure to work with him. Last time he came I picked him and his assistant up in Keflavik airport here in Iceland, and I couldn’t understand what they were bringing in a huge cardboard box.

It was this Beauty:

Broncolor Satellite Evolution

The Satellite is very special reflector with high light output, a very narrow light angle and very well directed light. It has very unique hot spot and soft but large fall off. It’s bit like sunlight but with special fall off you don’t get with big Fresnel flooders

Then we had to transport the box some 400 km to the north coast of Iceland. The box couldn’t fit in the car so we strapped it on top of our trailer. Cardboard box, rain and heavy wind is not a good combination:

Broncolor Satellite Evolution

Traveling with the Satellite Evolution

And then set it up. All my sandbags are filled with led and with 8 of them I still felt like it would easily blew away:

Led bags – Sandbags filled with led


Some More images from the setup:

the price tag is a bit high if you’re interested



The last months have been really busy and not much time for personal work, but luckily I’ve been able to shoot some landscape while driving around the island for location work


Mount Hekla

Nesjavellir power plant


Volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajokull and Fimmvorduhals in Iceland

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It’s not every day we have a volcanic eruption here in Iceland but it happens almost every decade.

And the last one started 21. march this year in the southern part of the Island on Fimmvorduhals right beside Eyjafjallajokull.

The eruption is quite small and of course this is something every photographer in Iceland has to go and see (and fill every gigabytes in their cameras).

I went there last Sunday and spent the day there. I started the day with flying in Schweizer 300c helicopter from Skogar on the south coast.  Here’s a video from the flight

Schweizer helicopter flying over the lavafield

I came up there very early in the morning and there were few people there and no wind. Very could though, I heard someone talking about  minus 15°c

I spent a bit of time shooting on a hill which gives a great view on the Volcano and then started walking around the lavafield

Shooting on Fimmvorduhals

The volcanic eruption on Fimmvorduhals

This is a really a great experience to stand there and see the glowing lava streaming up in the air, hear the loud noise from the volcano and feel the heat from the lava.

Video from the volcano

and another video here

Lavafield on Fimmvorduhals in Iceland

The lava from the volcano streams down a hill and forms a lavafall (like waterfall) on a cliff few hundred meters below the volcano

Lava fall on Fimmvorduhals in Iceland

Lava fall from the Volcano on Fimmvorduhals

See this video of the lavafall.

And this video taken later in the night.

There was also another lava fall near Eyjafjalljokull, where the lava fell down on snow and ice. Video.

Lava falling in canyon

The best light is late hours when it’s getting dark, the colors gets more intense and contrasty. Video from that time.

The volcano at sunset

The weather got really bad there when the it got dark and we spent 2-3 hours driving on the glacier back to home.