N1 Húsavík Haukur Eiðsson

Photo and video shoot for N1 Gas Stations, annual report some time ago. Short doc about Haukur Eiðsson in Húsavík.

Shot on Canon EOS 5d MkIII and Canon EF 24-105mm IS f4L. Light: Profoto B2r with one head and M-Softlighter.

Shot by: Bernhard Kristinn -Camera operator: Gulli Már

Directed by: Bernhard Kristinn and Ólafur Már -Production: Ólafur Már 

Editing and grading: Bjarki Guðjónsson – Trickshot – Voice: Hilmir Snær

 (Bernhard Kristinn)

©Bernhard Kristinn

 (Bernhard Kristinn)

Video shoot


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