Worlds most friendly people

well no, not Icelandic. I guess Icelanders are quite friendly but probably better to ask a foreigner about that

but on the other hand, the most friendly people I’ve ever met in my life are from the Middle-East. Most of them are muslims and speak Arabic, the ones Hollywood keeps telling me are terrorists, angry, never smile and are little bit on the same spot in development as Fred Flinstone.

Nob, not true Happy, friendly and really open people. Got to remember not to believe some of these films I watch!

The staff of ADIB in Dubai

Barber Shop in Abu Dhabi

Store owner in Abu Dhabi

Barber Shop in Abu Dhabi

Construction worker in Abu Dhabi

Tailor in Abu Dhabi

Sabir Hussain from Pakistan

Some more images from the trip to UAE:

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2 Responses to Worlds most friendly people

  1. Chris says:

    Skemmtileg þessi portrett hjá þér Benni, fíla svona straightforward nálgun á fólk.

  2. takk fyrir það Chris, gaman að koma til landa þar sem allir vilja láta taka myndir af sér, konum ekki eins vel við það reyndar

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